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Protect Your Business Against Competition with Preferred Compensation Packages

Introduction Keeping key employees from joining competitors is a critical challenge for many businesses. A Preferred Compensation Package is an effective strategy to retain valuable employees and safeguard your business interests.

What is a Preferred Compensation Package? A Preferred Compensation Package involves providing key employees with a long-term investment that matures after a set period, typically five years. Unlike traditional share incentive schemes, this package ensures employees are invested in staying with the company.

Key Benefits:

  • Retention: Encourages employees to stay, reducing turnover.

  • Tax Efficiency: Fully tax-deductible for the employer.

  • Employee Investment: Aligns employee interests with company success.


How It Works:

  1. Contract Setup: A legally binding contract outlines the terms.

  2. Endowment Policy: Employer takes out an endowment in the employee's name.

  3. Security Session: Ensures the employee cannot access funds prematurely.

  4. Five-Year Term: Employee must stay for the full term to receive the investment.


  • Financial Incentive: Employees are less likely to leave knowing they stand to lose a significant sum.

  • Flexibility for Employers: If an employee leaves early, the investment can fund training for a replacement or attract new talent.

  • Business Protection: Helps prevent the loss of trained employees to competitors.

  • Tax and Estate Implications: The investment is tax-deductible for the employer, and structured properly, it can offer significant tax advantages.

Conclusion Implementing a Preferred Compensation Package can save your business money, time, and frustration. Ensure your business is protected and your key employees are incentivized to stay. Contact us today for a consultation on setting up your Preferred Compensation Package.

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