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Certified Financial Planner ®


North: Protecting Myself

  • Disability Insurance: Shields your financial journey against the unpredictable tides of illness or injury, ensuring you stay afloat with income protection and lump sum disability benefits.

  • Critical Illness Cover: Provides a financial lifeline in the face of health tempests, helping you navigate through the stormy seas of major illnesses.


East: Protecting My Family

  • Life Insurance: Acts as a sturdy anchor, ensuring your family's financial stability and security, even if you're no longer there to steer the ship.

  • Medical Aid Cover: Ensures your family receives prompt and quality medical care, keeping everyone's health on a steady course.


South: Protecting My Assets

  • Short-term Insurance: Safeguards your valuables—your vessel and home—against loss or damage, ensuring your treasures are protected against the unpredictable.

  • Business Assurance: Keeps your business venture sailing smoothly, with strategies like key person insurance and buy-sell agreements to weather any storm.


West: Planning for Any Future Dreams and Goals

  • Estate Planning: Charts a course for your legacy, ensuring your assets navigate smoothly to your heirs with minimal turbulence.

  • Retirement Planning: Sets the coordinates for a prosperous retirement, ensuring you can enjoy the calm seas ahead without financial worry.

  • Investment Analysis: Scouts the horizon for fruitful opportunities, guiding your portfolio to grow and prosper through careful navigation and strategy.


At North, we chart your financial course with the same precision and care as a seasoned captain navigating the vast ocean. Our name is our promise: to be your reliable compass in the often-uncharted waters of financial planning. With our Compass strategy guiding us, we voyage through the depths of your financial needs, leaving no reef unexplored.

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